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Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Turn Pulmonology EHRs into Gold Mines

Published on: February 18, 2022

Pulmonology EHRs gather a treasure trove of data. Adverse outcomes. Successful interventions. Confounding factors. These are all collected and stored and... forgotten.

When pulmonologists mine their electronic health record data, incredible things happen. Patients become healthier, reviews become more robust and the doctor's business increases. Unfortunately, most pulmonology EHR information is gathered in a vacuum.

To unleash pulmonology EHR's full potential, providers are increasingly turning to fully integrated PROMs platforms. These tools transform pulmonology EHR software into little ad agencies and practice management tools all rolled into one.

OutcomeMD, for example, has developed a tool to administer a wide variety of pulmonology-specific PROMs based on validated medical literature that fully integrates with specialty-specific EHR and practice management systems. Our PROM clusters give doctors a comprehensive view of how patients are progressing. And they give patients meaningful insight into their own health.

With actionable, real-time information, OutcomeMD also transforms any cloud-based EHR into a decision support tool, allowing you to dial in best practices or change an intervention based on a patient's evolving needs.

Patients Love OutcomeMD

How does your pulmonology practice secure the valuable patient data it needs to supercharge its EHR? OutcomeMD encourages patient engagement through a delightful fitness tracker-like experience. Patients answer medically validated questions about their specific conditions or procedures, including sleep apnea and shortness of breath.

As they track their great outcomes, patients share them with others! OutcomeMD makes it easy for your patients with great outcomes to publicly celebrate their improvement on their social media accounts for lead generation and on your review sites for reputation management!

Pulmonologists Love OutcomeMD

Pulmonologists who use our specialty-specific, fully customizable outcome tracking platform say that OutcomeMD improves the health of their patients and of their business.

They are alerted immediately if their patient experiences an adverse outcome and can easily determine if their patient has a new confounding factor affecting their health. This allows them to reach out to their patient quickly, improving the patient's experience and giving the doctor the insight to dial in best practices.

And as patients share their positive outcomes on social media and review sites, you enjoy great publicity stemming from actual outcomes - not opinions. These real outcomes broadcast to the community that your pulmonology practice is one that patients can trust.

The Value of OutcomeMD to Pulmonology

Tracking and marketing patient-reported outcomes markedly improves pulmonology practices and adds incredible value to any pulmonology EHR by:

  • Improving patients’ health and quality of life.
  • Guiding informed intervention decisions.
  • Giving doctors the ability to make fast therapy modifications that ease patients' pain and improve their ability to function.
  • Providing doctors with insight into the potential impacts of disease that may not be possible through biomedical markers alone.
  • Improving revenue cycle management.
  • Leveraging PROMs for medical billing.
  • Turning patients into pulmonology practice advocates.
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