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VA Mental Health Division Greater Los Angeles Partners With OutcomeMD to Deliver Better Care Through Outcome Tracking

Published on: December 8, 2020

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Mental Health Division of the Greater Los Angeles VA (Veterans Affairs) announced today its partnership with OutcomeMD, the outcome management platform empowering healthcare professionals to deliver precision medicine through outcome-driven decision support and measurement-based care, to provide outcome-based mental health decision support to its physicians, counseling staff, and patients.

“Many healthcare professionals do not measure their patient’s symptoms, and cannot keep track of what does and does not work as a result,” said Dr. Justin Saliman, OutcomeMD founder and CEO. “OutcomeMD solves this issue by making outcome tracking simple, engaging and incredibly useful to patients and clinicians alike. Our outcome management platform enables doctors to transparently track a patient’s progress in real-time and generate actionable data for delivery of better care.”

Patient Reported Outcomes are objective measures of a patient’s symptom or quality burden as a result of their medical condition or injury. When OutcomeMD’s patient reported outcome and confounding factor data are combined with a patient’s electronic medical records data, clinicians better understand their patients, intervene early, and provide more accurate treatment decisions.

How OutcomeMD Is Helping the Greater Los Angeles VA

The Mental Health Division of the Greater Los Angeles VA treats 30,000 mental health patients. It is one of the largest and most complex mental health departments in the nation.

Veterans seeking mental health treatment in Los Angeles are now given the OutcomeMD fitness-tracker-like experience and are asked to answer Patient Reported Outcome questions to score their symptoms prior to their first visit. These symptom surveys take about five minutes to complete, and patients are provided their score in a format that is understandable and engaging. Doctors and therapists use the data to inform treatment decisions and deliver precise and effective care.

“As a provider, we can look at an OutcomeMD report and know what to expect and where to focus on that very first appointment,” said Dr. Scott Fears, division director for subspecialty mental health at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration.

Once a treatment plan is developed, the VA clinicians can efficiently track patients on a daily or weekly basis, sending the Veterans periodic remote follow-up assessments that help them and their clinicians track their progress and maintain their wellness. The outcome tracker reassures and celebrates those doing well, while patients who may need additional time with a clinician are flagged and contacted.

“This is especially helpful for patients taking new medications, such as SSRIs,” said Dr. Fears. “Clinicians can review the patient’s outcome data week-to-week, or even daily, to see if a patient’s mood is improving and make adjustments if needed. It also allows the patient to really take ownership over the process, keep them involved in their treatment and become an agent of change for themselves, which is hugely helpful for mental health patients.”

The OutcomeMD platform delivers a unique visualization of patient care, as the doctor and patient enter life events along a patient’s outcome timeline so they can easily see how these events have affected their symptoms over time. This timeline enables more precise, patient-specific care by making it easy to see positive or negative trends in a given patient as a result of their treatment and life events. The VA team can also look at outcome data for entire patient populations to assess if a specific treatment is effective on a system-wide level.

OutcomeMD is actively pursuing Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification. FedRAMP is a U.S. government-wide program providing a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The Greater Los Angeles VA Mental Health Section is one of the largest in the and most complex mental health departments in the nation, caring for over 30,000 unique mental health patients. With the company’s successful launch at the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System, it will now look to rapidly expand into VA outpatient mental health clinics nationwide. For more information, visit OutcomeMD.com.

About OutcomeMD:

OutcomeMD is the first ever outcome management and marketing system, capable of generating consistently high engagement from healthcare professionals and patients alike across all medical specialties. Patients are given a fitness-tracker-like experience that helps them, and their providers, measure and track how their symptoms change over time as a result of their treatment choices. Aggregating each patient's scores and symptoms with confounding factor data and EMR data, the OutcomeMD platform provides doctors with real-time data to improve patient care decisions. OutcomeMD also helps the clinician generate revenue for obtaining good outcomes, and in doing so shifts their treatment focus from patient catering to patient care. Complication rates and overutilization of healthcare resources decrease, and overall efficiency and effectiveness of care improve. The Los Angeles-based company is working with clinicians, health systems, surgical centers, clinics and hospitals across the United States. For more information, visit OutcomeMD.com.

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