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Outcome Dashboard Outcome Dashboard

All of the Outcomes, confounding factors, wearable and electronic health records data can be correlated in one integrated easy-to-use place. Our proprietary filtration system lets you quickly dial in best practices in real-time to focus on what works, and what does not. This ability is key to successful Value-Based Care.

Care Management Care Management

Salesforce for healthcare! OutcomeMD helps you organize, track and optimize patient care. Our outcome-based task manager is the ultimate tool for elevating patient care and reducing complications. Care manager cohort creation and cross-cover functionality make it particularly easy and meaningful to use.

Compounding Factors Confounding Factors

Confounding factor data is obtained from multiple sources and structured to make the software accurate, informative and fair. Users can now easily create inclusion and exclusion criteria around confounding factors when evaluating outcomes. Examples include adverse life events, patient compliance, confounding injuries, surgical laterality, and more!

Administrator Functions Administrative Functions

From single provider to multi-provider, multi-center – our proprietary Outcome Dashboard allows different permission levels and filtering options for real-time accurate analysis, reporting, account management and peer review.

Outcome Timeline Outcome Timeline

Complete timeline visualization of patient care replete with diagnoses, medications, procedures, and more, displayed along a patient-provider shared timeline displaying how the patient’s symptoms or quality of life burden have changed as a result of the various treatments and events that have affected their lives.

Payer Reports Payer Reports

The OutcomeMD Dashboard allows easy filtering by patient and EHR collected data to create inclusion and exclusion criteria around your outcomes so you can generate payer reports that clearly and concisely show insurers the areas where you are delivering exceptional care. This data can help when negotiating contracts.

Smart Notifications Smart Notification

Continuing to empathize with providers, the OutcomeMD notification system is fully customizable so clinicians are only notified when they want and need to be, specific to a given patient phenotype, treatment, time period, etc. The OutcomeMD iOS app makes it easy for clinicians to act. Notification when a patient’s symptoms are worsening has been proven to improve outcomes!

Outcome tracking with OutcomeMD is the best way to increase patient volume, enhance reputation and drive SEO.
Social Media Posts Social Media Posts

Existing patients who do well are given the opportunity to endorse their doctors by posting their outcome graph to their social media outlet of choice. We make it easy and fun for them to do so.

Review Site Posts Review Site Posts

Existing patients who do well celebrate their great outcomes by posting their data to the provider’s review sites. For the first time ever these subjective review sites display positive objective outcome data to researching patients.

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization

Increase natural website traffic and interested new patient conversion rate. OutcomeMD leverages your outcomes to optimize your website and drive your business.


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