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Do you run a surgery center? Find out how to leverage OutcomeMD to get better outcomes and increased patient volume.


Increase profitability & enhance care through patient reported outcomes
Integrated practice management software Integrated with your practice management software
  • HST
  • SIS Complete
  • Advantx
  • Vision
  • NextGen
  • Amkai
Negotiate better insurance contracts Negotiate better contracts

Patient reported outcome data can differentiate your ASC with insurance companies and Medicare. The OutcomeASC dashboard lets you turn on various filters to highlight your good outcomes, and generate instant reports to give to payers.

Reduce cost surgery center Reduce costs by dialing in best practices
  • If an expensive disposable or implant is not improving care, you now have data to justify removing it from the shelf.
  • The OutcomeASC dashboard gives you real time insights into what is and is not working.
  • Doctors respect the scores generated with the same techniques as FDA studies and clinical trials.
Drive business to your surgery center Drive business to your center
  • Increase block time utilization (as your providers get busier)
  • Enhanced ability to recruit new providers
  • ASC website SEO
Optimize your ASCs value Optimize your ASC's value

Patient reported outcome data elevates your center's value with investor and acquisition prospects.

Patients, doctors & administrators love it:
Enhance the patient experience Enhance the patient experience

Patients feel more connected to your center and it’s clear that you care. Our fitness-tracker-like experience makes it interesting to the patient, maximizing followup rates.

Provide better patient care Provide better care

Administrators and providers can dial in best practices. Care managers can be notified of patients who are doing poorly.

Practice management integration Easy to use

Practice management integration makes it incredibly simple.

Surgery centers elevate marketing Elevate marketability

“Now you can say, and prove, that you have the best doctors & surgeons”

Improve surgical outcomes Improve surgical outcomes

Doctors can refine their techniques based on what works and receive notifications when a patient is doing poorly and getting worse.

Peer review clinical studies Peer review

Doctors respect the scores generated with the same techniques as FDA studies & clinical trials.


Join the scientific revolution in patient care and measure what matters.
The Outcome is Everything.

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