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International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement Strategically Aligns with OutcomeMD to Transform Healthcare Through Patient Reported Outcome Data

Published on: March 16, 2021

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement (ICHOM), a global leader in defining standard sets of medical outcome measures, has partnered with OutcomeMD to transform healthcare through mass adoption of patient reported outcomes and measurement-based care as part of standard clinical practice.

The partnership will connect OutcomeMD, a leader in outcome management and outcome marketing, with healthcare organizations ready to implement patient-reported outcome tracking. OutcomeMD delivers multiple unique clinical and monetary value propositions to providers, patients and payers. Their approach to patient reported outcomes is consistent with ICHOM's renowned Standard Sets and covers all medical specialties. The use of OutcomeMD enables providers to shift focus from patient catering to patient care.

“We are delighted to partner with OutcomeMD as our partner for successful implementation of Standard Sets in the USA, and are looking forward to a future of working together to improve patient outcomes and drive the adoption of value-based healthcare across the globe,” said Suzanne Gaunt, president and CEO of ICHOM.

ICHOM was established in 2012 by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Martin Ingvar of the Karolinska Institute and Stefan Larsson of The Boston Consulting Group. It educates medical professionals, the public and policymakers about the potential of value-based health care by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures for medical conditions affecting millions of patients each day. The Consortium focuses on the implementation and reporting of these measures worldwide.

"Michael Porter's vision for how to achieve true value-based health care drove me in large part to found OutcomeMD, so to be named ICHOM’s technology partner is both a professional and personal honor," said Dr. Justin Saliman, OutcomeMD founder and CEO. "At OutcomeMD, our mission in many ways parallels the work of ICHOM. We empower healthcare professionals with measurement-based care and outcome-driven decision support to inform precision medicine and best practices."

OutcomeMD developed the Outcome Management platform to help medical professionals and patients alike. Utilizing a simple and engaging fitness-tracker-like experience, patients answer a series of brief questions based on their medical condition or symptoms over the course of their treatment. The Patient Reported Outcome questions are combined with confounding factor data, electronic medical records and wearable data to allow physicians to transparently track a patient's progress in real-time and generate actionable data as they develop personalized treatment plans. The Outcome Marketing section of the platform allows medical professionals to improve their business by obtaining and highlighting good patient outcomes.

Monitoring and tracking patient outcomes is fundamental to the value-based care models that many healthcare professionals and administrators are now employing. Measuring outcome data allows clinicians to dial in or develop new best practices, and efficiently and effectively focus resources where they are needed.

"Patient reported outcome data is incredibly powerful for healthcare providers,” said Dr. Saliman. “Done right, it enables them to move away from the current model of patient catering for subjective online reviews and toward improving their business by concentrating on measurable, result-focused patient care. This combination of data-driven management and marketing leads to better information, better decisions and better outcomes.”

For the first time, patients have an outcome-based medical record of their treatments and how each one affected their symptoms. The OutcomeMD Symptom Scorecard allows patients to score their symptoms prior to treatment, view their medical history and then see how their treatment affected their improvement over time all on a personalized outcome timeline accessible on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This lifelong tool allows them to quickly see how their various medical ailments and treatments have improved or worsened their symptoms and/or quality of life over time. They can even share and celebrate their excellent outcomes with friends and family through their OutcomeMD platform experience.

About OutcomeMD:

OutcomeMD, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, is a digital outcome management and marketing platform developed for healthcare professionals to track and utilize medical outcomes while empowering patients with medical goal transparency and predictive analytics. OutcomeMD delivers measurement-based case and outcome-driven decision support to inform precision medicine and best practices. Providers can leverage their good outcomes to attract new patients, empowering a shift from patient catering to patient care.

Integrated with all major EMRs, the OutcomeMD Platform uses medically valid questionnaires called Patient Reported Outcomes to remotely quantify a patient's symptoms, inform decisions and improve care. The resultant data is organized and displayed in a manner that allows patients, clinicians, administrators, and insurers to easily understand the results of care, and to inform decisions at every level. Patients experience more connected, personalized care resulting in measurable improvement that can be shared with their friends, family, and community in a way that benefits clinicians, patients, and the entire healthcare ecosystem. For more information, visit OutcomeMD.com.

About ICHOM:

ICHOM’s mission is to unlock the potential of value-based health care by defining global standard sets of outcome measures that matter most to patients and driving adoption and reporting of these measures worldwide to create better value for all stakeholders. ICHOM was founded in 2012 by Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School, the Boston Consulting Group, and Karolinska Institute. Visit ichom.org or contact info@ichom.org for more details.

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